2MIDI module converter
Platform: Win32Current version: 1.3.2
2MIDI is a balls-on accurate MOD to MIDI file converter, it doesn't just stick the notes in a MIDI file. It also converts the effects and instrument info (eg. volume/pan envelopes) to make an exact MIDI copy of the MOD (assuming there are enough MIDI channels). 2MIDI supports the MOD / XM / IT / S3M / MTM file formats.

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Main features
  • Balls-on accurate
    Makes exact MIDI copies of MODs
  • Effects conversion
    Converts all MOD effects into MIDI
  • Instrument conversion
    Switchable volume/pan envelopes and vibrato handling for each sample
  • Flexible channel allocation
    MOD channel and sample based MIDI channel assignment
  • Prioritization
    4 different note prioritization methods are used
  • WAV/IFF/PAT/XI/SF2/DLS samples
    Export samples/instruments in any of these formats
  • Optimizations
    Silent note removal, note length trimming, channel sharing, also several automatic optimizations to reduce the MIDI file size
  • Volume/pan/pitch resolution
    Allows great reduction of the MIDI file size with only minimal loss in quality
  • Drum channel
    Use the MIDI drum channel for conversion of notes with no FX applied
  • Effect translation
    Translate MOD effects to MIDI controllers/meta-events
* SF2/DLS samples, channel sharing, resolution options, drum chan conversions, effect translating are only available in registered versions.
purchaseStandard license: €15
The "standard" license allows the 2MIDI output files to be used for personal and freeware/shareware purposes, but not commercial purposes.
purchaseCommercial license: €200
The "commercial" license allows the 2MIDI output files to be used for any purpose, including commercial.
note that all prices are quoted in Euros, but payment can also be made in several other currencies
See the documentation for further details.