BASSASIO audio library
Platform: Win32Current version:
BASSASIO is a library for use in Windows software. Its purpose is to make it simple for developers to use ASIO hardware/drivers in their productions. C/C++, Visual Basic and Delphi APIs are included with examples. A .Net API is also available.

The BASS library is not required by BASSASIO, but it can be used for decoding purposes, and to apply DSP/FX, etc.
Main features
  • ASIO
    Low latency, multi-channel input and output
  • Multiple devices
    Simultaneously use multiple soundcards
  • Format conversion
    No need for extra/duplicate code to support the varying sample formats of different ASIO drivers
  • Sample rate conversion
    16 point interpolation, giving a good blend of quality and performance, with SSE2 optimizations for an extra boost
  • Channel joining
    Join mono ASIO channels to form multi-channel (ie. stereo and above) channels
  • DSD support
    Support for both PCM and DSD sample data
  • Private drivers
    Support for private unregistered ASIO drivers
  • 64-bit support
    32-bit and 64-bit versions are provided
  • Small
    BASSASIO is only 18KB*, so won't bloat your distribution!
* 32-bit version
BASSASIO is free for non-commercial use. If you are a non-commercial entity (eg. an individual) and you are not charging for your product, and the product has no other commercial purpose, then you can use BASSASIO in it for free. Otherwise, you will require one of the following licences.
purchaseShareware licence: €40
The "shareware" licence allows the usage of BASSASIO in an unlimited number of your shareware products, which must sell for no more than 40 Euros each. If you're an individual (not a corporation) making and selling your own software (and its price is within the limit), this is the licence for you.
purchaseSingle Commercial licence: €300
The "single commercial" licence allows the usage of BASSASIO in a single commercial product.
purchaseUnlimited Commercial licence: €900
The "unlimited commercial" licence allows the usage of BASSASIO in an unlimited number of your commercial products. This licence applies to a single site.
License BASSASIO and BASS together, and receive a 50% discount!
(Shareware: €20, Single Commercial: €150, Unlimited Commercial: €450)
note that all prices are quoted in Euros, but payment can also be made in several other currencies
In all cases there are no royalties to pay, and you can use all future BASSASIO updates without further cost. Reselling/sublicensing is not permitted. Your products must be end-user products, eg. not components used by other products. Please note that these licences only cover your own software, not the publishing of other's software. If you have got any questions, please get in touch.
Other APIs
.Net API for BASSASIO, as well as BASS and all of its add-ons. Can be used with both C# and VB, with several examples included. Supports .Net Framework version 2.0 and above.
downloadPure Basic API
Pure Basic API for BASSASIO.
Note: these APIs are provided by 3rd-parties, so may not always be up-to-date with the latest BASSASIO version & features.
Other stuff
linkBASSASIO Documentation
An online copy of the BASSASIO (and BASS) documentation.
linkThe BASS showcase
A list of stuff that uses BASS and/or BASSASIO.