Disable playback ramping?

    DWORD handle,
    float noramp


handleThe channel handle.
norampDisable playback ramping... 0 = no, else yes.


By default, a channel will be ramped-in when starting playback and ramped-out when stopping/pausing playback, to avoid sudden level changes that could result in a click sound each time. That ramping can be disabled by enabling this option. Volume (BASS_ATTRIB_VOL) and panning (BASS_ATTRIB_PAN) changes are always ramped regardless of this option setting. Ramping only applies during normal playback and does not affect decoding channels; it will not be present in the data delivered by BASS_ChannelGetData.

Ramping-in is skipped when a channel's sample data begins at a low level (so will not produce a click sound). Ramping-out requires data in the channel's playback buffer, so it generally does not apply when buffering has been disabled via the BASS_ATTRIB_BUFFER option unless the channel is a "push" stream or BASS_ChannelUpdate is used to pre-buffer some data.


This attribute is not available when using DirectSound output on Windows, as BASS does not generate the final mix.

See also

BASS_ChannelGetAttribute, BASS_ChannelSetAttribute