BASS_CONFIG_FLOAT config option

Floating-point sample data is supported?



This is a read-only config option that indicates whether floating-point sample data is supported, eg. the BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT flag. A value of 0 means it is not. Floating-point data is not supported on platforms/architectures that do not have an FPU, eg. older ARM platforms/architectures.

When floating-point data is not supported, the BASS_CONFIG_FLOATDSP option is still available, but it will result in DSPPROC functions receiving 8.24 fixed-point data instead of floating-point.


This option is only available on Android, Linux, and Windows CE. Floating-point is always supported on other platforns.


Check if floating-point sample data is supported.
int floatsupport = BASS_GetConfig(BASS_CONFIG_FLOAT);
if (floatsupport) {
    // floating-point is supported on this platform/architecture

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