Pauses a sample, stream, MOD music, or recording.

BOOL BASS_ChannelPause(
    DWORD handle


handleThe channel handle... a HCHANNEL, HMUSIC, HSTREAM, or HRECORD.

Return value

If successful, TRUE is returned, else FALSE is returned. Use BASS_ErrorGetCode to get the error code.

Error codes

BASS_ERROR_NOPLAYThe channel is not playing (or handle is not a valid channel).
BASS_ERROR_DECODEThe channel is not playable; it is a "decoding channel".
BASS_ERROR_ALREADYThe channel is already paused.


Use BASS_ChannelPlay to resume a paused channel. BASS_ChannelStop can be used to stop a paused channel.

See also

BASS_ChannelIsActive, BASS_ChannelPlay, BASS_ChannelStop