Links two MOD music or stream channels together.

BOOL BASS_ChannelSetLink(
    DWORD handle,
    DWORD chan


handleThe channel handle... a HMUSIC or HSTREAM.
chanThe handle of the channel to have linked with it... a HMUSIC or HSTREAM.

Return value

If successful, then TRUE is returned, else FALSE is returned. Use BASS_ErrorGetCode to get the error code.

Error codes

BASS_ERROR_HANDLEAt least one of handle and chan is not a valid channel.
BASS_ERROR_DECODEAt least one of handle and chan is a "decoding channel", so cannot be linked.
BASS_ERROR_ALREADYchan is already linked to handle.
BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWNSome other mystery problem!


Linked channels are started/stopped/paused/resumed together. Links are one-way; for example, channel chan will be started by channel handle, but not vice versa unless another link has been set in that direction.

If a linked channel has reached the end, it will not be restarted when a channel it is linked to is started. If you want a linked channel to be restarted, you need to have resetted its position using BASS_ChannelSetPosition beforehand.


Except for when using DirectSound output on Windows, linked channels on the same device are guaranteed to start playing simultaneously. When using DirectSound output on Windows, it is possible for there to be a slight gap between them, but it will generally be shorter (and never longer) than starting them individually.


Link 2 streams and play them together.
BASS_ChannelSetLink(stream1, stream2); // link stream2 to stream1
BASS_ChannelPlay(stream1, FALSE); // start both streams together

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