Used with BASS_MIDI_StreamEvents to apply events and BASS_MIDI_StreamGetEvents to retrieve events, and BASS_MIDI_StreamCreateEvents to play event sequences.

typedef struct {
    DWORD event;
    DWORD param;
    DWORD chan;
    DWORD tick;
    DWORD pos;


eventThe event type.
paramThe event parameter.
chanThe MIDI channel of the event... 0 = channel 1.
tickThe position of the event, in ticks.
posThe position of the event, in bytes.


When used with BASS_MIDI_StreamEvents, the tick and pos member values are relative to the current decoding position, and only one of them should be used at a time (pos has precedence if both are). The pos member is ignored by BASS_MIDI_StreamCreateEvents.

See also

BASS_MIDI_StreamEvents, BASS_MIDI_StreamGetEvents