MIDI syncs - BASS_ChannelSetSync

Syncs are set on MIDI streams in exactly the same way as on any other stream, using BASS_ChannelSetSync. The following is a list of the types of sync supported on MIDI streams.

Sync types, with param and SYNCPROC data definitions.

BASS_SYNC_MIDI_EVENTSync when a type of event is processed.
param : event type (0 = all types). data : LOWORD = event parameter, HIWORD = channel (high 8 bits contain the event type when syncing on all types). If the event type is MIDI_EVENT_TEMPO, then the event parameter will use 24 bits (channel is replaced). See BASS_MIDI_StreamEvent for a list of event types and their parameters.
BASS_SYNC_MIDI_MARKSync when a marker is encountered.
param : marker type. data : the marker index, which can be used in a BASS_MIDI_StreamGetMark call.
BASS_SYNC_MIDI_TICKSync when reaching a tick position.
param : tick position. data : not used.

The BASS_SYNC_POS, BASS_SYNC_END, BASS_SYNC_SLIDE, BASS_SYNC_STALL and BASS_SYNC_FREE sync types are also supported on MIDI streams, as described in the BASS_ChannelSetSync documentation.

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