XM-EXE module compiler
Platform: Win32Current version: 1.6
Ever wanted to send that cool XM to your villiage idiot of a friend? They don't have an XM player? They don't know how to get one? They wouldn't know what to do even if they did have one? ... STOP! ... Don't jump, help has arrived!

OK, maybe not! But, that's what this bunch of bytes allows. Basically, XM-EXE attaches the XM to a Win9x/NT playback program. It also compresses the XM to generally produce a smaller EXE file even with the playback code. Should you wish to do so, you can extract the original file(s) from the created EXE. The EXE will even tell you if it's been infected by a virus! XM-EXE supports XM/MOD/S3M/IT/MTM files.

It's also got the best (most accurate to FT2) XM reproduction to be heard outside of FT2 itself. All features/effects (including several FT2 quirks) are 100% supported. The IT reproduction is also practically balls-on, with full support for all effects/NNA/DCA/filters/etc.

For ease of use, XM-EXE is actually a DOS executable. So, to create an EXE file from a XM file, you can simply run XM-EXE with the XM filename in the command-line.
Main features